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Watch: First Precinct Officers Put Their Lives on the Line to Rescue Man from Raging Water

Chief Harteau Statement: “I hope this video helps everyone realize how powerful Mother Nature can be. Do not take chances. We are thankful that no one was seriously hurt in this incident. I also hope it reminds people just how valuable our first responders are. Every day, Minneapolis Police Officers are out in the community […]


Mayor Hodges & Chief Harteau Announce MPD Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Policy

Mayor Betsy Hodges and Chief Janeé Harteau held media availability event where they were joined by community leaders who are proud to announce the MPD’s new Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Policy. The idea behind the policy is to create established guidelines based on courtesy and dignity for the appropriate treatment of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming […]

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MPD Increases Transparency by Enhancing the Recording of Demographic Information on Proactive Interactions

September 15, 2016 (MINNEAPOLIS) Starting today, Minneapolis Police Officers will begin tracking demographic data, including race and gender (including Gender Non-Conforming), when conducting suspicious vehicle stops, suspicious person stops, and traffic stops. After collecting input from community members and officers, the MPD has added a mechanism in its squad car computers requiring officers to enter […]

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Message From the Chief

Three years ago the concept of MPD 2.0,  a values driven department with our three core values,commitment, integrity and transparency and three core goals of public safety, public trust, and employee engagement & morale was introduced.  For the past three years as a department we have endured transformational and organization change with 2.0 as the foundation in achieving excellence through creating a culture of accountability.  Through this process we have become a national model, leading the way in community engagement, public trust & police legitimacy and employee professional development.  What we didn’t know at the time is the national conversation that would take place as a result of incidents of police shootings and use of force in other parts of the country.

Last December, President Obama signed an executive order establishing the Task Force on 21StCentury Policing.  The President charged the task force with identifying best practices and offering recommendations on how policing practices can promote effective crime prevention while building public trust.  The task force identified 6 pillars to best address; Building Public Trust & Legitimacy, Policy & Oversight, Technology & Social Media, Community Policing & Crime Reduction, Training & Education and Officer Wellness & Safety.   Now as many departments are looking at ways to implement strategies to address each of the action items listed under the six pillars, we are finding that MPD 2.0 is already addressing most of them. 

The implementation of these strategies would not have been possible without proud, professional, and dedicated officers and civilian staff.  Nor would we have such success without a supportive and dynamic public to serve and partner with.  I continue to be impressed and proud of the members of the Minneapolis Police Department and all that has been accomplished with our community partners. 

Stay Safe!

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